Borwornsak Uwanno

3 Jun 2015
The Thai junta’s lawmakers have reached a consensus to prohibit journalists and the media from keep tracking of the constitutional drafting process, saying that it might affect the independency of the lawmakers.
29 Apr 2015
Thailand’s 2015 Constitution debuted last week, when the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) submitted the draft for consideration before the National Reform Council (NRC). Although it was not to be distributed to the public, the document leaked onto the internet. The draft raises several concerns, among which is the emergence of a privileged group of Thais.
2 Mar 2015
In January 2015, the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) began drafting the new Thai constitution with the promise of significant changes to return true democracy to the country. Yet, as the drafting continues, there is growing concern that it will never deliver on its promise. Thailand’s clock will turn back at least two decades to the pre-1997 era, which was characterized by weak and chaotic government and by the unchecked power of unelected elites. 
18 Aug 2014
Foreign countries are expressing quiet concern over Thai plans to outlaw surrogate democracy.  While readily acknowledging Thailand’s right to enact legislation to protect its own body politic, they are urging a transitional approach.  A number of foreign governments are thought to have invested heavily in ongoing surrogate democracy programmes in Thailand which, due to the normal course of events, will take time to mature.  A sudden clampdown will put their investments at risk.
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