1 Jun 2018
Despite close ties with the military government, an anti-election hyper-royalist monk has been detained for criminal association, extortion and counterfeiting a royal emblem. The incident has raised the question of whether the junta is still in full control of Thai politics.
12 Jun 2017
While the junta seeks reasons to remain in power, the public, politicians and even the anti-election protesters from 2014 are increasing their demands for elections.   The National Council for Peace and Order is once again attempting to delay the country’s democratisation. Late last month, Prayut posed a four-question survey through his weekly televised address.
17 Jan 2017
A commission tasked by Thailand’s junta with achieving political reconciliation will be dominated by military appointees, even though military interference in politics is itself a prime source of conflict.    Last week, Gen Prawit Wongsuwan, the deputy junta head, revealed the military government’s national reconciliation plans, receiving both criticism and support from politicians.    The plans include political amnesties and Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) between all
25 Mar 2016
A provincial court in southern Thailand has acquitted anti-election protesters accused of preventing 2014 election, ruling that all witnesses were political opponents of the defendants.
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