Aniwat “Nara Crepe Katoey” Prathumthin

26 May 2023
The Criminal Court initiated prosecutions against Thai influencers Mom Dew and Nurat under the royal defamation law (Section 112) over a notorious Lazada advertisement launched in May 2022.
22 Jun 2022
After a month-long boycott, the Royal Thai Army (RTA) has struck a truce, allowing military personnel to resume using the online shopping app ‘LAZADA’ and permitting the delivery of Lazada purchases at military facilities. 
18 Jun 2022
Three online influencers were arrested yesterday (16 June) and charged with royal defamation for taking part in an online sales campaign which allegedly made fun of members of the royal family.
10 May 2022
The online shopping app LAZADA has become the target of a boycott by the Thai authorities and netizens in protest against their online sales campaign that has been seen as mocking the disabled, with royalists also angry that it somehow defames the monarchy.
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