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Luksna Kornsilpa has sent a press release plus an article in Thai and English to the press today.  According to the press release, more charges are to be filed against many people including police and state attorney for malfeasance.  Besides Thaksin and his cronies, those who will sign the petition to the King will be charged as well.

PRESS RELEASE - Thursday July 9, 2009 11:00 am Metropolitan Police Bureau Headquarters Bangkok

Summary of the Charges Filed & Major Issues of each Case plus Additional Notes

In addition to the charges under article 112 of Thai Criminal Law further charges are to be filed this day against Thaksin Shinawatra, Jakrapob Penkhair, Veera Musikapong, Nattawoot Saikuea, Jatuporn Prompan, Marwaan Macan-Makar, Jonathan Head, other FCCT directors and UDD members that are implicated in crimes against the nation. Criminal Code articles 107, 113, 114, 116, 133, 135/1, 210, 213, 215, 217, 220, 288 and 289 are all used and each of the accused will have at least 2 or more of the aforementioned articles filed against them. Instant action is demanded as the cases expose a co-ordinated gang of conspirators committing acts of treason and concealment that not only threaten the Kingdom of Thailand and her national security but also insult Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the constitutional monarchy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain that she reigns (not rules). Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is protected by article 133 of Thai Criminal Law. 

To represent the Kingdom of Thailand and her people Ms. Luksna Kornsilpa, 57 years of age; an analyst, management system auditor, industrial sector consultant and hazard analysis specialist having an engineering education with a solid management background shall file the charges against all conspirators identified herein and hereafter.

Presently she is working on her doctoral research in visualization (forming correct and twisted perceptions, understandings and misunderstandings through graphical and textual information).

Ms Luksna has researched, detected, analyzed and documented evidences of numerous acts of treason and treachery using sound academic principles.

Extensive scrutiny of Ms Luksna's meticulous reports clearly reveals and proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is an organized underground movement that aims to destabilize and overthrow Thailand's Monarchical Democracy, it is also highly evident that fugitive convict Thaksin Shinawatra is both the puppet-master and highest benefactor of the now exposed treason plot. Ms Luksna reveals numerous techniques used by the plotters including both audio-lingual and visualization tactics that target those with below average education who make up the majority of Thailand's population.

Condemning facts highlighted include the fact that Mr Jakrapob Penkair and his cronies conspired with the directors of the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand in a fashion designated under Thai criminal law as literally being a “Brothel of Criminals” which when defined by judges equates to a “Den of Conspirators”. This event was the first of a long series of propaganda events staged at the FCCT and during the event Mr Jakrapob who according to the FCCT was speaking as Thaksin's spokesman made a proclamation that a violent rebellion would be staged to create chaos and destabilize the nation and change the political system to bring absolute power to his treacherous Thaksinophilia faction.

From the FCCT stage Mr Jakrapob deliberately lied and made fraudulent statements attacking Thailand's highest institution thereby creating a new tool to add fuel to his underground insurgency both nationally and globally.

Mr Jakrapob knew that various stunts had created resentment and misunderstandings regarding the use of Lese Majeste laws and that coupled with the powerful network and corruption of the Thaksin regime there would be little chance that anyone would dare fight back to protect the nation's developing democracy. Mr Jakrapob had his speech disseminated via the FCCT's sale of DVDs and the voice of many directors along with a campaign to remove the Lese Majeste laws which would also mean having to rewrite the constitution.

The DVDs sold by the FCCT each contained the speech and question and answer sessions for ONE event on each DVD. These DVDs were sold to the public (non-members) until the FCCT fell under closer scrutiny and on 12th December 2008 the FCCT announced that their DVDs would no longer be available to the public but only to paid up members.

Of the numerous events and activities of the FCCT board designed to destabilize the Monarchical Democracy, 3 prominent events resulted in Lese Majeste charges being filed against speakers and presenters.

These were:

1. “Democracy and Patronage in Thailand” on the 29th August 2007, the official invitation to the event drafted by the FCCT board stated that the speaker “is out on bail” and “After a particularly turbulent evening of protest in July outside General Prem's house, Jakrapob and seven other UDD leaders were charged by police with illegal assembly of more than 10 people, defying police orders and attacking police, and instigating disturbances.” The invitation ended with “Join us for what promises to be a provocative evening.” Charges were subsequently filed against Mr Jakrapob for the content of his speech which was found to be full of lies, deceit and unwarranted hatred towards the highest institution causing him to resign from his ministerial position. note: Many British nationals were shocked and outraged at how Mr Jakrapob rudely lashed out at Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II from the FCCT stage stating amongst other things that Tony Blair had put her in her place, Mr Jakrapob was questioned by a British national and forced to concede that like the presenter of the event he had very poor knowledge regarding the Great British Monarchical Democracy and that most of what he knew he learned by watching a movie. Mr Jakrapob arrogantly stated that Thaksin only had some loyalty for the monarchy.

2. “Coup, Capital and Crown” on 13th December 2007 at the FCCT also attracted Lese Majeste charges, the official invitation to the event asked questions such as “Why was there rivalry between monarchy and Thaksin?” would be answered. The question itself stunned many as it presumed that there was a rivalry in existence that even Thaksin himself has publicly denied. Any attempt to answer such a presumptuous question could indeed defame both the monarchy and fugitive convict Thaksin Shinawatra. (Ironically the title of this event was very similar to the name of a plot exposed by General Chawalit Yongchaiyut some time before the FCCT events in which Gen. Chawalit stated that an underground movement to discredit and destroy the military, monarchy and economy existed.)

3. “The State of Politics and the Way Forward for Thailand” on 9th December 2008 resulted in Lese Majeste charges being filed against 2 of the speakers Mr Veera Musikapong and Mr Nattawoot Saikuea. Again the speech was full of verbal vitriol that viciously attacked various groups whilst implicating and defaming the monarchy with lies. This speech led to Lese Majeste charges being filed against both Mr Veera and Mr Nattawoot just days before the Red Shirt movement took Bangkok by siege, this was the head on clash that Mr Jakrapob had announced in his speech in 2007. The official invitation to the event from the FCCT board stated “Join us for an insight into the nature of a crisis analysts say is the biggest to face Thailand since World War II.”

After careful examination of DVDs, hundreds of pages of documented evidence including witness statements from journalists and members of the public numerous further charges to be filed on 9th July 2009 include:

Extension of Case filed at Lumpini Police Station on June 30, 2009:

FCCT Board Further Charged with Article #210 “Criminal Conspiracy to destabilize National Security”

On 30th June board members of the FCCT were charged with Lese Majeste which means a maximum sentence of 15 years in jail. If a crime committed warrants a maximum sentence of more than 10 years and if the crime involves 5 or more conspirators then article 210 can be applied. This means that the FCCT has acted as a “Den of Conspirators” or more literally as a “Brothel of Treacherous Criminals”. One article in this group of laws has in the past been used against Chinese Triad organizations that threatened the nation and now similar articles in this case apply to the FCCT, this means that directors involved in acts that destabilize national security are by legal definition Criminals; not Correspondents.

Case 1 of July 9, 2009:

Police and Attorney General Charged with Treason and Information Concealment

Government officers in both the Police Department and the Attorney General Office have been found to be delaying prominent cases affecting national security and concealing information of a nature that is forbidden to hide by laws designed to ensure transparency and protect the nation. Charges of malfeasance have already been filed against some officers and on July 9 more serious charges are to be filed against officers whose malfeasance poses a threat to the stability of the nation and her internal security. The Chief of the Royal Thai Police, the commanders of certain divisions of the Royal Thai Police and the Chief Attorney are to be officially charged. Some of these officials will also have charges of treason and conspiracy filed against them.

Case 2 of July 9, 2009:

Thaksin, Treason Leaders/Supporters and FCCT Board Charged with Committing National Security and Royal Safety Crimes

On 9th July other laws that protect National Internal Security and the safety of the Monarch are to be filed against Thaksin Shinawatra, Leaders of the UDD and the FCCT board. These laws empower special teams of officers; allow for rapid issuance of arrest warrants and the penalty is execution. Government officials delaying such cases would find cases filed against themselves for malfeasance.

Additional notes:

The above mentioned cases will be processed fairly. Due to their sensitive nature, importance to national stability and the irresponsible behavior of some media outlets that seek to distort and deceive, only reliable fully accredited media without criminal charges filed against them will be provided with case details providing that the details do not violate laws of the land which are to be respected by all those on Thai soil be they Thai nationals or foreigners.

Although due to the dissemination efforts of the FCCT board the content is widely known the exact details will not be printed in this press release as repeating a slight could be perceived as Lese Majeste by those who do not understand that actually Lese Majeste cases must have negative intentions before they are taken seriously and of course those Thai nationals who are not interested in filing any case would still feel saddened and hurt to learn how evil and unethical the board of the FCCT had been. The goal is to restore peace and unity to Thailand and although some things are best forgotten it is difficult to forget when these subversive activities continue to flourish, it is hoped that these unprecedented cases will teach the guilty parties a serious lesson in journalistic ethics and help Thailand and her people start afresh in a society where people are not separated by the color of a T-shirt.

Mr Jakrapob resigned when he was exposed and indeed all those in positions of responsibility who have likewise been exposed should resign to prevent adding insult to injury.

Ms Luksna states, “Some media have distorted the facts recently, this is not an issue of freedom of speech. I fully support freedom of speech but do not support the dissemination of lies and propaganda in an underground movement to destabilize Thailand's economy and internal security. Foreign correspondents clubs and media alike are advised to examine the facts carefully before making biased statements, intelligent nations like China and Japan should be able to differentiate between news and lies. Lese Majeste cases should not be filed against anyone unless there is clearly malicious intent that can be proven, people cannot just file Lese Majeste cases against others when there is absence of motive as that would result in either the case not being processed or the accused receiving a Royal pardon after a short spell inside, the accuser could also be sued heavily if sufficient evidence is not provided to show serious malicious intent. Many media sources lack legal knowledge and are guilty of reporting that anyone can file a case against anyone; this is simply not true. His Majesty has stated himself that he is human and as such can do wrong. This does not however mean that people are free to make unwarranted accusations and lies regarding His Majesty as such behavior would anger his subjects and cases would certainly be filed, especially if the Lese Majeste statements were being used as a tool for subversive threats to internal security."

It is interesting to note that numerous blogs that appear on the Internet attempting to protect the FCCT from their crimes are written by anonymous bloggistas and clandestine journalists.

It is also noteworthy that Thai law protects EVERYBODY from defamation not only the Thai monarchy with article 112; article 133 protects all royal families all over the world and articles 326 and 328 protect all those on Thai soil both Thais and foreigners. Anyone filing false charges could find themselves with heavy counter charges filed against them so these laws are usually only used when there is solid evidence.

Ms Luksna's cases filed today are done so in good faith using internationally accepted research and analysis tools that enable the harvesting of concrete evidence to support all facts stated and accusations made. She is well known in data analysis circles and renowned for her attention to fine detail and high integrity. She is a certified translator of both German and English.

It is also noteworthy that Thai law protects EVERYBODY from defamation not only the Thai monarchy with article 112; article 133 protects all royal families all over the world and articles 326 and 328 protect all those on Thai soil both Thais and foreigners.

To avoid misunderstandings by foreign media it should also be noted that the term “Brothel of Criminals” is a literal translation of the legal term used for the crimes committed by a “den of conspirators”. A brothel is a place where numerous prostitutes gather to ply their trade and according to dictionaries the definition of a “prostitute” is usually given as:


1. One who solicits and accepts payment for sex acts.

2. One who sells one's abilities, talent, or name for an unworthy purpose.

tr.v., -tut·ed, -tut·ing, -tutes.

1. To offer (oneself or another) for sexual hire.

2. To sell (oneself or one's talent, for example) for an unworthy purpose. use: to prostitute one's talents.

The “brothel of criminals” in this case refers to the second definition of prostitute.

The laws used in all these cases are all related to conspiracy to ruin the political system and the penalties are severe, those found guilty of violating article 107 will be subject to the death penalty.

"Freedom of Deceit" versus "Freedom of Speech"

Ms Luksna wrote an interesting piece on the FCCT case on June 30, 2009 entitled "Freedom of Deceit" versus "Freedom of Speech"

As an information specialist and management system consultant conducting doctoral research, she detects the abuse of "Freedom of Speech" as a means for "Freedom of Deceit" realization.

In the world of uncontrolled information overflow, LIES with dishonest purposes are passed efficiently over the mass media channels. Some have the target to erode national security.

In Thailand, the effort to change country's foundation was announced purposely by treason leaders at the FCCT. And a means to that change is through LIES. As traitors themselves lack the necessary ethics and qualifications to be capable national leaders, they need to soil the existing foundation with LIES.

Among LIES to soil country foundation, Lese Majeste is the most frequently used. Agent Provocateurs foolishly believe that if charges are filed against them that they will make threats to continue telling the world that such law can be easily abused which is far from true, they will also try to use language like “draconian laws” to discredit even the laws of the land that they live in.

Sadly and surprisingly, the FCCT board got involved in the divisive LIES content fabrication and distribution!

As judicial process might not have full and proper access to the cases filed against traitors, as they have often been screened out by upstream authorities; the cases filed against FCCT will finally bring back all rejected cases directly to the judiciary for prompt processing so that Thailand can return to stability and social unity.

When the case is analyzed in court, mass media around the world would realize how "Freedom of Deceit" is discriminated from "Freedom of Speech".

Mass media cry for rights without duties and responsibilities. This will be their first lesson that, in order to possess rights, ones need to show adequate duties and responsibilities.

This is just a part of the many duties of this astute information specialist, in her effort to make world's information highways cleaner.

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