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<p>On 10 April, the Prime Minister&rsquo;s Office appealed a verdict of the Administrative Court which ordered it to pay compensation to Rayu Dokho for the abuse he suffered at the hands of security officers when he was arrested as a suspect in southern unrest in 2008.</p>
<p>The Defence Ministry and Army have agreed, under a civil court settlement, to pay compensation to the family of <a href="">Yapha Kaseng</a>, an imam who was killed in a military camp in Narathiwat in 2008. </p>
<p>Narathiwat Provincial Court has dismissed the case of Imam Yapha Kaseng on the grounds that it is not under its jurisdiction, and told his wife to turn to the military courts instead.&nbsp; However, individuals cannot bring cases to a military court; only the authorities can do so.</p>