Victory Monument

14 Nov 2020
A group known as “Kha-na-rad-sa-bomb” organised a flash mob on the skywalk around the Victory Monument, during which people wrote down their views of local politics onto post-it notes and placed them on the pillars around the skywalk.
20 Oct 2020
Cartoon by Stephff: Disobedience Day  
6 Jan 2019
A demonstration was held at the Victory Monument BTS station sky walk earlier this afternoon to protest against another potential delay to the general election, previously planned for 24 February 2019.
24 May 2014
[UPDATE] After anti-coup protesters pressured military officers and tried to negotiate for the release of a male protester wearing a white T-shirt, the military released the man around 7 p.m. on Saturday. The man was detained for about 15 minutes. 
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