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By Wanna Taemthong |
<p>Following the February 2021 coup in Myanmar and subsequent violence against protesters, a large number of people from Myanmar came to Thailand seeking safety and are now living as refugees in urban areas. Some came with valid visas, while some are undocumented, but all are unrecognised as refugees and unprotected under Thai law.</p>
By Amnesty International |
<p>Amnesty International, with artists Jirawut Ueasungkomsate and Sakda Kaewbuadee, opened a new exhibition on urban refugees titled &quot;I am not allowed to exist in your reality,&quot; which will run from&nbsp;18 February-1 March 2020 at the Bangkok Art &amp; Culture Centre.&nbsp;</p>
By Pongpan Chumjai |
<p dir="ltr">Tens of thousands of migrant workers without proper documentation travelled back to their homelands or were fired by their employers who feared legal repercussion as soon as the Royal Decree on Managing the Work of Aliens B.E. 2560 (2017) went into effect on 23 June.</p> <p></p>