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<p>The Criminal Court is likely to deliver its ruling by the end of this year on a case in which a stockbroker has been prosecuted for posting comments on Same Sky or <a href=" diew kan">Fah Diew Kan</a> webboard in 2009.</p>
By Reporters Without Borders |
<p>Reporters Without Borders has written to King Bhumibol Adulyadej on the eve of his birthday on 5 December asking him to pardon Thai Internet users who are in jail or who are being prosecuted in connection with the dissident views they allegedly expressed online.</p>
By Thai Netizen Network |
<p>Thai Netizen Network demands Thai authorities to make clarification on the recent arrests of internet users, including&nbsp;Nat Sattayapornpisut in whose case the authorities are asked to disclose the means of accessing e-mail accounts and the law that entitled them to do so, 'since this matter may have violated people&rsquo;s right to privacy and freedom to communicate'.</p>
By Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) |
<p>The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) expresses its concern over a statement made by Information and Communication Technology Minister Ranongrak Suwanchawee of Thailand threatening to pursue legal action against websites and their respective Internet service providers (ISPs) where posts discussing the King&rsquo;s health allegedly caused the drop in the Thai bourse last month.</p>
By Reporters Without Borders |
<p>Three Internet users have been arrested in the past four days for posting articles blaming King Bhumibol Adulyadej&rsquo;s poor health for last month&rsquo;s fall in the Bangkok stock exchange. They have been charged under article 14 of the Computer Crimes Act 2007 with endangering national security by spreading false rumours about the king&rsquo;s health.</p>
<p>The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has told Internet Service Providers to deal with offending websites, saying if they fail to do so, the Ministry will close them.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Speech and Internet advocates in Thailand are questioning why the Thai police invoked the Computer Crimes Act in going after two Thais accused of spreading rumors on the King's health, media reports in Bangkok say.</p>
<p>The translation of a Bloomberg news report was posted on the Prachatai webboard jus after 6 pm, after the Thai stock market had already slumped and closed on 14 Oct. &nbsp;The news report in question is Richard Frost&rsquo;s <em>Thai Stocks, Baht Slump on King&rsquo;s Health Speculation</em>, whose title indicates that the &lsquo;slump&rsquo; had already taken place.</p> <p>Theeranan Wiphuchanin, using the alias BBB, posted her translation at 18:09. &nbsp;</p>