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28 Aug 2016
Many foreigners, it seems, often cite the Thai media as being cowardly and not performing the noble job that the Fourth Estate is poetically linked with – establishing truth, fighting injustice, exposing graft, fighting for the people, etc. For Thai media critics or just people that want to read why things are so difficult for Thai media, allow me to relate a story to you… Note that often below when I say “I” I might be referring to my Thai wife who was legally registered as the paper’s owner and editor.
30 Jan 2015
Amnesty International  (AI) Thailand on Thursday announced the 2014 human rights media awards for the Thai media. Prachatai English’s news story received an honourable mention in the online media category. 
25 Jun 2014
  The best way for journalists to undermine the junta's rule is to report the truth: The First Editorial and Opening of Reporters Without Censors   Eighty-two years ago today (24 June 1932), Siam became a democracy. Today, the principles of freedom, equality and fraternity that initially came with it have not taken root in our political system.
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