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27 Mar 2024
A 22-year-old man has been sentenced to prison over a short video clip on TikTok, joking with a stray cat. The message in the clip was allegedly intended to insult two kings. He was earlier given a suspended sentence.
26 Mar 2024
Pro-democracy ctivist Nawat Liangwattana has been hit with a 6th royal defamation charge for delivering a speech at an August 2023 protest to commemorate those who died in the 2010 crackdown.
22 Mar 2024
A 25-year-old protester has been indicted for royal defamation after burning the King’s portrait in a 2021 protest. The indictment said burning the portrait is tantamount to burning the King himself. The protester was later granted bail.
2 Mar 2024
A 29-year-old satirist has been sentenced to 2 years and 12 months in prison without parole for royal defamation over 2021 Facebook posts.
21 Feb 2024
A lecturer at Thammasat University has been indicted under the royal defamation law and the Computer-Related Crime Act after he was allegedly involved in a May 2021 Twitter post related to a rumour about the King. He was later granted bail with the condition that he is not allowed to travel abroad unless granted permission.
15 Feb 2024
Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), a legal firm which provides pro-bono representation for pro-democracy activists and protesters, has been threatened with violence for provided legal support to two activists arrested on charges, including sedition, for allegedly honking their car horn at and blocking a royal motorcade.
15 Feb 2024
A 51-year-old man has been sentenced to 36 years in prison for 12 Facebook posts. The sentence was reduced to 12 years and 72 months without parole.
20 Jan 2024
A 21-year-old activist has been arrested for royal defamation over a social media post of a picture of a man holding 2 pieces of paper with offensive messages in front of a picture of the King and Queen. He was later granted bail.
6 Dec 2023
A 51-year-old man has recently been found detained in Bangkok Remand Prison since 2020 after being found guilty of royal defamation.
29 Nov 2023
A 57-year-old woman from Phetchabun Province has been sentenced to one year and six months in prison after allegedly sharing a Facebook post calling for the monarchy to be under the constitution.
31 Oct 2023
Four human rights organizations call for amendments to the royal defamation, or lèse-majesté, law to bring it into line with Thailand’s human rights obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and for the government to reverse the previous administration's repressive policies and actions, after it was reported that the number of verdicts in royal defamation cases has reached 100 in less than two years.
17 Oct 2023
A second bail request by human rights lawyer and activist Anon Nampa has been denied despite him showing no tendency to flee.


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