Surachai Danwatthananusorn

13 May 2014
The Thai Appeal Court on May 8 affirmed the decision of the Court of First Instance, sentencing Ekkachai H. to three years and four months in jail and a fine of 66,666 baht for selling VCDs of a documentary on the Thai royal succession by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and copies of Wikileaks cables. 
6 Oct 2013
Surachai Danwatthananusorn, a 71-year-old Red Siam faction leader convicted on five lèse majesté charges, was granted a royal pardon on Friday after having been imprisoned in Bangkok Remand Prison since February 22, 2011. 
5 Dec 2012
Pranee Danwatthananusorn is running a campaign to collect signatures in support of her petition to seek royal pardons for lèse majesté convicts including her husband Surachai.
1 Dec 2012
The Criminal Court is likely to deliver its ruling by the end of this year on a case in which a stockbroker has been prosecuted for posting comments on Same Sky or Fah Diew Kan webboard in 2009.
24 May 2012
Surachai Danwatthananusorn has been hospitalized since 17 May with high blood pressure and a swollen prostate, resulting in fatigue and loss of appetite, said his wife Pranee. 
6 Mar 2012
On 5 March, Pranee Danwatthananusorn told Prachatai that her husband Surachai was going to petition the government to seek a royal pardon for all political prisoners including those jailed for lèse majesté offences.
29 Feb 2012
On 28 Feb, Surachai Danwatthananusorn, leader of the Red Siam group, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for lèse majesté on three counts, but the jail term was commuted by half due to his guilty plea.
19 Nov 2011
Bangkok Remand Prison reopened for visitors on 18 Nov, after it had been closed for two weeks due to flooding.  The water at the prison was still above knee level, and wooden walkways had been built for visitors to reach buildings inside the compound from the road.  Just a small number visited that day.  Khlong Prem prison, situated in the same compound, had reopened for visitors three days earlier.
6 Nov 2011
On 2 Nov, the Criminal Court dismissed a bail request for lèse majesté suspect Surachai Danwatthananusorn, citing that his alleged crimes carry severe punishment and affect the feelings of the public.  
11 May 2011
A Thai history professor who is outspoken on issues concerning the monarchy now faces a complaint of lèse majesté filed by the Royal Thai Army, the independent news website reported.
23 Feb 2011
The Criminal Court has approved a police request to remand Surachai Danwatthananusorn for 12 days.
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