29 Jun 2022
A protester currently detained on charges relating to recent protests at the Din Daeng Intersection attempted suicide over the weekend by overdosing on paracetamol while in detention at the Bangkok Remand Prison.
25 Jun 2021
Suicides have been a controversy since the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. The significant rise in the number of cases warrants attention.
30 Apr 2020
An academic team has published a second statement about Covid-19 related suicide attempts after the first became controversial. It underscores its call for the government and society to find more inclusive policies to control the outbreak.
25 Apr 2020
Researchers collecting news reports of suicide cases have found 38 cases related to Covid-19 control policies in April. The cases were related to economic pressures stemming from public health policies in response to the virus. More immediate help and a properly managed resumption of economic activity are needed. Passengers on a bus in Bangkok (File Photo)
17 Jun 2019
Wisarut Butkhun, 32, was found dead in his house in Chanthaburi province with a bullet hole in his forehead. His father and uncle said he shot himself after being harassed over political comments on Facebook. Source: Krisada Sawatdichai
14 Jun 2019
Thailand’s young people now have an increased risk of depression and suicide, Kiattibhoom Vongrachit, Director-General of the Department of Mental Health (DMH), told Thai PBS on Monday (10 June).
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