Save Bang Kloi Coalition

24 Aug 2023
Three years after a group of villagers from the Bang Kloi indigenous Karen community were prosecuted for returning to their ancestral land in the Kaeng Krachan forest, the community is calling on the new government to help them return to the original location of their village at Chai Phaen Din, from which they were evicted over 20 years ago.
1 Jun 2023
Following the death of an indigenous activist from dengue fever, indigenous and community rights groups are demanding that the Ministry of Public Health take responsibility, saying that her death is the result of racial discrimination and negligence by a local hospital.
22 Sep 2022
Activists from the Save Bang Kloi Coalition submitted a petition on Tuesday (20 September) calling for the public prosecutor not to indict 29 members of the Bang Kloi indigenous Karen community charged with encroachment for returning to their ancestral home in the Kaeng Krachan forest in early 2021.
15 Feb 2022
11 activists have been charged with violations of the Emergency Decree for joining a protest organized by the People’s Movement for Just Society (P-Move), which addressed land rights and community rights.
17 Mar 2021
The Save Bang Kloi Coalition held a candlelight vigil last night (16 March), the 10th day of their protest at Government House, to call for justice for the indigenous Karen community at Bang Kloi, in remembrance of Lahu indigenous rights activist Chaiyaphum Pasae, who was killed at a checkpoint by military officers in 2017.  
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