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11 Feb 2021
Know the older generation whose eyes were opened. The Same Sky webboard and the first era of online exchange on the monarchy.
26 Aug 2015
Military personnel visited the office f an anti-establishment social-political journal, asking the editor his opinions towards the Thai junta.   Five officers from the 5th Anti-aircraft Infantry at 1:45 pm on Tuesday, 25 August 2015, came to the office of Same Sky Journal (Fah Diew Kan in Thai). The officers said that they came to introduce themselves to people working at the publication because they have taken over the responsibility to do so in place of those who used to be in charge of the same task.
21 Oct 2014
  The military has again attempted to censor the anti-establishment Same Sky (Fah Deaw Kan in Thai) publishing house by banning its t-shirts, one of which has the image of a dinosaur, with possible charges of lèse majesté.
20 Oct 2014
The military ordered the editor of anti-establishment socio-political Same Sky journal to delete a Facebook status which states the military’s attempt to censor the publishing house. This shows how serious the decline of basic human rights under the junta is in Thailand. On Sunday afternoon, the military ordered Thanapol Eawsakul, the editor of Same Sky journal (or Fah Diew Kan in Thai), to delete the Facebook status on the conversation with Prajak Kongkirati, a renown political scientist from Thammasat University, at the annual Book Fair in central Bangkok.
10 Jul 2014
Thanapol Eawsakul, editor in chief magazine Fah Diew Gan (Same Sky), a political magazine, was arrested after posting a message on Facebook that displeased the ruling junta. Eawsakul was released on 9 July after four days in jail. The arrest took place after Eawsakul responded to an invitation to meet military officers at a cafe.
9 Jul 2014
Thanapol Eawsakul, editor of the Same Sky academic journal, was released from detention at around 3.50 pm on Wednesday after he was arrested and detained -- for the second time --- on Saturday evening.    He was forced to sign, again, an agreement stating that he will stop all political activities and stop expressing opinions on politics.   
15 Sep 2010
The National Library of Thailand has notified the police to take legal action against Same Sky magazine because it has not been registered and its content may constitute lèse majesté.  The editor insists on publishing, and thanks the National Library for helping advertise his magazine.
5 Jan 2008
The Fah Diew Kan (Same Sky) publishing house website was shut down on the night of Jan 4 by its hosting server.
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