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31 Jul 2020
To protect the monarchy, the head of an ultra-royalist group has made an announcement asking volunteers to infiltrate protests and take pictures of participants in order to create a blacklist of individuals that Thai society must ban. 
13 Oct 2015
An ultra-royalist group in Thailand has targeted Facebook and YouTube, claiming that the websites allowed lèse majesté content.   
1 Oct 2015
An ultra-royalist organisation and a pro-coup monk have organised rallies in front of the US embassy in Bangkok, calling the US and human rights groups not to criticise the lese majeste law and to send back people allegedly defaming the Thai monarchy believed to be in the US.  
12 May 2015
An ultra-royalist group has launched a political cyber bullying campaign and legal charges against a red shirt activist. The campaign against her has led to her employer firing her on Monday.  
23 Jan 2015
Thai royalists protested in front of the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok, pressuring the New Zealand government to extradite a lèse majesté suspect living in exile there and threatening to step up measures if the New Zealand government do not comply with their demands.
15 Jan 2015
The leader of an ultra-royalist group has accused a left-leaning red-shirt political activist of defaming the monarchy and of rebellion against the Thai state.    Maj Gen Rientong Nan-nah, the leader of the ultra-royalist Rubbish Collection Organization (RCO), filed a lèse majesté complaint against Surachai D. (aka. Surachai Sae Dan), an anti-establishment red-shirt figure, at the police’s Technology Crime Suppression Division (TCSD) on Tuesday.
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