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By Prachatai |
The residents of Thung Kula Ronghai, an area renowned for its cultivation of Thai Fragrant rice, staged a protest to demand the removal of a sugar factory and biomass power plant from the area out of concern that the facilities will negatively impact their local environment.
<p>Anon Nampa, a human rights lawyer who publicly addressed the issue of monarchy reform last month, has posted on Facebook that his grandmother was harassed on 1 September by the District Officer.</p>
<p>The Governor of Roi Et Province in Isan, the northeast, has barred civil servants and village chiefs from distributing Pheu Thai Party calendar with images of Yingluck and Thaksin Shinnawatra, the two ex-Prime Ministers, while the Thai junta said it is up to the Governor what to do.</p>
<p><a href=";section=11">Khaosod English</a>: Soldiers have disrupted two meetings organized by Pheu Thai politicians who were gathering in northeastern Thailand this week to discuss their legal defense for a pending impeachment trial.&nbsp;</p>
By The Isaan Record |
<p>KHON KAEN – In late January, about 250 Northeasterners from six provinces gathered at the conference room of the Petcharat Garden Hotel in Roi Et to participate in the drafting process of Thailand’s twentieth constitution. The military government claims to be seeking citizen participation in drafting the constitution, but these public forums to gather input from Thais across the country seem to be nothing but a false front in the Northeast.</p>
<p>Thai military has ordered the eviction of villagers in Isan accused of trespassing on a public land plot, despite an ongoing settlement process with the local authorities.</p> <p>The Thai military on Thursday ordered the villagers of Bua Daeng Subdistrict in Pathum Rat District of the northeastern province of Roi Et to sign a document stating that they will leave the area by Friday, according to the Land Reform Network of Isan (LRNI), a civil society organization affiliated with the&nbsp;<a href="">People’s Movement for Just Society (P-Move)</a>.</p>