pro-democracy protest

20 Jan 2022
The Rainbow Sky Association has said that it will no longer file a defamation charge against Sirisak ‘Ton’ Chaited for returning its Ardhanarishvara Award. 
11 Jan 2022
With the ongoing political division in Thailand, controversies and boycott campaigns surrounding Sitala and other right-wing celebrities will not go away any time soon.
6 Jan 2022
The women, feminist, and LGBTQ+ groups in Thailand helped nonviolent resistance by contributing to a more inclusive movement, through adding gender issues, reinterpreting politics and creating a safe space for participants. They also equipped the campaign with creativity and resilience. 
7 Dec 2020
Student-led pro-democracy protests have been going on for months. One of their tactics is to use royalist symbols, quotations and traditions as satirical weapons to challenge and criticize the government, tradition and society overall.
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