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27 Jul 2023
Police said Wednesday they were investigating a bomb attack at the home of a finance newspaper editor, which came just hours after a colleague at the same news outlet received a death threat to his children.
7 Jun 2023
The crackdown on the 18 November 2022 protest march against the government under Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha and its pro-corporation economic policies was a violation of press freedom and the right to peaceful assembly, as several protesters and members of the press were injured, says the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).
1 Jun 2023
A major satellite and cable TV provider appears to have blocked the broadcasts about the Thai election of several overseas news agencies, according to reports on social media and eyewitness accounts. 
18 Apr 2023
For the past two weeks, photojournalist Natthaphon Phanphongsanon has been continuously harassed by police officers, who were stationed in front of his condominium and who coerced the building’s management into giving them information about him and CCTV footage of his activity.
3 Mar 2023
Two supporters of the monarchy charged with assaulting independent photojournalist Natthaphon Phanphongsanon have been sentenced to 2 months in jail and a fine of 5000 baht.
21 Feb 2023
Cambodian authorities must reinstate Voice of Democracy, UN experts said on 20 February, after the independent radio station was stripped of its licence to broadcast in English and Khmer last week. The flag of Cambodia
9 Feb 2023
On Tuesday (7 February), the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) jointly submitted a legal brief (amicus curiae) to the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Court in criminal defamation proceeding against Thai journalist Pratch Rujivanarom, former editor of GreenNews Agency.
8 Feb 2023
A Facebook page said it deleted two posts about a TV station staffer who reportedly died from overwork because it feared a lawsuit from the news agency, which is owned by one of the richest conglomerates in Thailand.
24 Jan 2023
Journalists and students have submitted a letter to lawmakers to express their concern about a draft law on media ethics. They are calling for thorough public participation in the drafting process.
17 Jan 2023
Photojournalist Natthaphon Phanphongsanon was attacked by a group of pro-monarchy supporters in April 2022.  After almost year, justice in the case is seemingly being impeded by the police.
5 Jan 2023
A parliamentary hearing into a police crackdown on an anti-government protest in November that left dozens wounded was adjourned without any progress on Wednesday because police commanders failed to show up. 
22 Dec 2022
A month has passed since police officers stomped and beat reporters while dispersing an APEC 2022 protest. Calls for an investigation by media associations have met with little progress.


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