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By Prachatai |
A Prachatai reporter and freelance photographer have been arrested after they covered an incident in March 2023 where an activist sprayed graffiti onto the wall of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.
By Prachatai |
Sondhi Limthongkul is suing Prachatai and its editor-in-chief for defamation, alleging that Prachatai distorted his words, leading its readers to misunderstand that he supported a coup.  He stated that coups are not legitimate and he has never endorsed one.
By Prachatai |
<p>On 13.00 - 15.00 of 14 August, three men with short hair claiming to be undercover police appeared in the vicinity of the Prachatai and Thai Volunteer Service offices.</p>
By Taweesak Kerdpoka |
<div>Between 21-24 March 2017, Ratchaburi Provincial Court will hold witness hearings for and against <a href="">the criminal case of Taweesak Kerdpoka</a>, 25, a Prachatai journalist. </div>
<p>Alternative Thai media outlets, human rights advocacy groups and a youth election monitoring group have joined forces to launch a network to observe the public referendum on the draft charter.</p>
By Austin Silvan |
<p>A statement has been released following the arrest of a Prachatai reporter, and the subsequent search of Prachatai’s office, with concerns of the precedent against media freedom that could be set by these actions.<br /><br />On 13 July 2016, the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) released a statement raising concerns of the arrest of Prachatai reporter Taweesak Kerdpoka.<br /></p>
<p>The Civil Court has dismissed a case brought by Prachatai against the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) for shutting down the website during the 2010 political violence; the Director says Prachatai will appeal as the verdict does not answer the question why the website faced a shutdown over a report that also appeared in other media.<br /></p>
<p>Thai military officers in plainclothes have visited Prachatai’s office in Bangkok to ask about Prachatai’s activities.</p> <p>At around 11 am on Thursday, 2 July 2015, three military officers in plain clothes from the First Infantry Regiment of Bangkok came to the Prachatai office.</p> <p>The plain-clothes officers spent about 20 minutes discussing Prachatai’s recent activities. The officers, however, did not enter into the office.</p> <p>The officers also requested contact information for Prachatai personnel and took pictures of the office and surrounding area.</p>
<p>With uncertainty about whether the Thai junta will hold a public referendum on the new charter draft or impose it without public consent, alternative media outlets and think tanks in Thailand came together on 8 May 2015 to officially open an online forum to let people speak their minds about the draft constitution which is currently being debated in the junta’s National Reform Council (NRC).</p>
<div>The Supreme Court on Friday affirmed the decision of the Appeal Court to accept Prachatai’s lawsuit against the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) for unfairly blocking the news website for almost nine months in the wake of the 2010 political violence.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The Supreme Court’s decision allows a civil case between Prachatai as plaintiff and MICT and the Finance Ministry as defendants to go to trial.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Five years ago, when the anti-establishment red-shirt supporters staged mass demonstrations in March-May 2010, th </div>
By Harrison George |
<p>Weeks of rumour and speculation were partly confirmed this week with an announcement by the Foundation for Community Educational Media, the organization which produces Prachatai, which acknowledges the resignation of Harrison George from his position as columnist. &nbsp;All titles and honours attached to this position have also been withdrawn, such as ‘Advisor on Satire’, ‘Sarcastic Sod’ and ‘Perpetrator of Impenetrable Muddled Prose’ (the much sought-after PIMP decoration.)</p>
By Harrison George |
<p>On February 18, the world that watches the BBC saw a grenade thrown at police at Phan Fa bridge which a police officer unsuccessfully (but ‘heretically’, according to a PDRC tweet and I hope that’s just a blooper and he meant ‘heroically’) tried to kick away.</p> <p></p>