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By Khaosod English |
<p dir="ltr">A tense showdown Saturday morning between a city demolition crew and historic community ended peacefully with an agreement allowing workers to demolish only homes whose owners had accepted compensation to leave.</p>
<p>Despite a looming eviction deadline, the community of the ancient Mahakan Fort is adamant that they will not move away, and has called for people to observe the eviction.</p> <p>After many postponed eviction deadlines and discussions which yielded no results, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) set a new eviction deadline of Saturday, 3 September 2016 to demolish the community behind the wall of the ancient fort of Pom Mahakan,&nbsp;<a href="">Thai PBS reported</a>.</p>
<p>Residents of the ancient Mahakan Fort have asked the Administrative Court for protection as eviction by order of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) looms.</p> <p>Residents of Mahakan Fort Community on Friday morning, 29 April 2016, submitted a petition to the Administrative Court of Bangkok to halt the eviction of their community on the orders of the BMA.</p> <p>They urged to the court to hold an emergency hearing on Friday afternoon to revoke the eviction set for 30 April.</p>
By Kongpob Areerat |