Pegasus spyware

7 Nov 2023
The Civil Court has postponed a hearing in a lawsuit filed by activist Jatupat Boonpattararaksa against NSO Group, an Israeli company which developed the Pegasus spyware, after the company’s lawyers claimed that they are unable to reach the relevant Israeli authorities to complete necessary paperwork because the country is at war.
2 Oct 2023
Bangkok, 26th September 2023— "Media Transformation in Shifting Scenarios," a public forum organised by Prachatai, took note of the challenging landscape faced by mass media workers in an age of political polarisation. Media professionals continue to face multiple threats, from legal restrictions and surveillance to censorship and risks to personal safety. These challenges, in turn, have had a significant impact on media workers’ freedom of expression. The seminar raises a crucial question: following the change of government, can meaningful change be anticipated?
23 Jun 2023
The UN has sent a letter to the Thai government expressing concerns over its use of the Pegasus spyware against at least 35 activists which it deems a violation of privacy rights protected under international covenants.
21 Jun 2023
Yingcheep Atchanont and Arnon Nampa have filed a lawsuit against nine government agencies for violating their rights by using “Pegasus” spyware to steal citizen's private information.
11 Aug 2022
It is time to put an end to the weaponising of surveillance technology — both globally and in Thailand. Thai authorities must immediately initiate an independent investigation to hold the perpetrators to account, and support calls for a global moratorium on spyware technology.
22 Jul 2022
On the third day of the parliamentary no-confidence debate, a Move Forward Party MP has claimed 5 more victims of state-sponsored spyware attacks using Pegasus.
21 Jul 2022
The top official in charge of Thailand’s digital infrastructure became the first official to acknowledge the use of the cell phone spyware Pegasus in the country, just hours after the national police force denied any involvement in its use. 
20 Jul 2022
20 Jul 2022
At least 30 critics of the Prayut Chan-o-cha administration had their phones infected with Pegasus spyware, a powerful tool for surveillance and eavesdropping. Although government authorities have yet to be tied to the bugging, an investigation strongly suggests state involvement.
26 Nov 2021
Several pro-democracy activists and academics have reported receiving an email from Apple warning them that “state-sponsored attackers” are targeting their devices.
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