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By Hara Shintaro |
After the May 2023 general election, the eight-party coalition led by the Move Forward Party signed an MOU to form a democratic government, but the document was revoked when Pheu Thai left the coalition along with the Prachachat Party, an influential party in the Deep South, to form a coalition with parties under strong military influence. Hara Shintaro writes on the impact of revoking the MOU on the peace process in the Deep South and the possibility of rebuilding trust in the process under the current political situation.
<p>On the 73rd Shan National Day on 7 February, the Restoration Council of Shan State/Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) organized a military parade and cultural performance at Loi Kaw Wan, the RCSS/SSA&rsquo;s regional eastern base.</p>
By Hara Shintaro |
<div>Hara Shintaro analyses weakness of the Deep South peace process and suggest ways to move forward productively.&nbsp;</div> <p></p>
By Abu Hafez Al-Hakim |
<p><em>Note: Abu Hafez Al-Hakim is a vocal member of MARA Patani, a peace dialogue panel comprising several Muslim Malay groups which struggle for the right to self determination of people in Thailand's restive Deep South, so-called Patani. This article reflects his personal view, not the official view of MARA Patani. Watch Abu Hafez interview with Prachatai <a href="">here</a>.&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em><img alt="" src="" /></em></p>