Parit Wacharasindhu

21 Nov 2023
The Move Forward Party has called on PM Srettha Thavisin to approve 14 bills proposed by the Party, pointing out that it is not necessary for him to agree with the content but to provide MPs with an opportunity to exchange views and reach a conclusion.
26 Oct 2023
The parliament has voted against a Move Forward Party (MFP) proposal to hold a referendum on whether a Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) should be elected to draft a new constitution.
12 Oct 2023
Following the recent exposure of a sexual harassment case involving an MP, the Move Forward Party (MFP) has reported on the progress of investigations into alleged sexual harassment involving its MPs, and promised to enhance measures to prevent such behaviour by Party members.
15 Sep 2023
Following a cabinet decision to set up a committee to study approaches to constitutional amendment, a civil society network campaigning for a new constitution has voiced concerns about the government’s policy, noting that it remains unclear how the amendments will be made.
18 Aug 2023
The Move Forward Party (MFP) will be filing an urgent motion asking parliament to call a referendum on whether the entire Constitution should be amended by an elected Constituent Assembly.
10 Aug 2023
Move Forward Party (MFP) MPs have re-submitted to parliament a bill to promote indigenous people’s rights based on the 300 policies proposed during the election campaign.
9 Sep 2022
Just hours after a parliamentary vote to reduce the power of the appointed Senate failed, a relentless Move Forward Party (MFP) launched a campaign to obtain the 50,000 signatures necessary to hold a public referendum on whether the country should draft a new Constitution.
5 Mar 2021
In an era of political tension and ideological conflict, Thai society has reached a turning point. While the military government has paved its way to maintaining power, a new pro-democracy movement is trying to put rights and power back into the hands of the people.
20 Jun 2019
Sansern Samalapa, Democrat Party deputy leader and the head of youth affairs, announced Tuesday June 18 that the party’s youth wing, New Dem, no longer exists.
29 May 2019
An anti-junta faction inside the Democrat Party has emerged calling for the Democrat Party not to support Prayut Chan-o-cha to be the next Prime Minister of Thailand.
7 Jan 2019
Future Forward Party, a new progressive political party led by Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, a famous millionaire, ran an online poll regarding military conscription in Thailand. From 24-31 December 2018, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit posted an opinion poll on his facebook page with a message: You can choose. #FutureForwardParty proposes a military reform policy for a modern army. End conscription, have a voluntary armed force except during wartime, cut the military establishment by half to 170,000, reduce the number of generals from 1,600 to 400.    
5 Apr 2018
The headline-generating leader of the fledgling Future Forward Party (FFP) is prompting established parties to present younger faces, and progressive values as the general election is expected to be held in February next year. The buzz and optimism surrounding Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of FFP, drew a packed house to a panel discussion on Wednesday night at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT) between the charismatic auto tycoon and new generation representatives from the three established political parties.
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