Nut S.

22 Jan 2015
The court sentenced a former lèse majesté convict to two months and 20 days in prison for failing to report to the junta in June. The ex-lèse majesté convict is the first to be sentenced to a term of imprisonment for failing to report to the junta. Unlike others who pleaded guilty to defying coup orders, the court did not suspend the jail term because he was once convicted under lèse majesté law in 2009. 
17 Dec 2014
An ex-lèse majesté suspect charged with disobeying a junta order pleaded guilty to failing to report to the junta in June, despite the fact that he had earlier been arrested by the junta. Nut S., an anti-coup activist accused of defying the coup order which summoned him to report to the coup-makers in June, pleaded guilty during the trial at the military court in Bangkok on Wednesday morning.
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