26 Mar 2022
Members of civil society organizations from across the country marched on the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security on 24 March to protest against the new non-profit organization bill, concerned that it would be used to restrict freedom of association in Thailand.
12 Jan 2022
A Draft Act on the Operations of Not-for-Profit Organisations was approved in principle by the cabinet. 
30 Jul 2021
On 29 July, the ICJ urged the Thai authorities to refrain from adopting so-called additional principles to the “Draft Act on the Operation of Not-for-Profit Organizations” (‘Draft NPO Act’) as they are contrary to Thailand’s obligations under international human rights law.
23 Jul 2021
A new Draft Act on Operations of Not-for-profit Organizations is raising huge concerns among civil society a due to its extensive powers of surveillance and control of the finances of a wide range of associations. The broad scope of this law threatens almost any kind of association in Thailand.
27 Dec 2009
On 24 Dec, Phairoj Pholphet, Chair of the NGO Coordinating Committee, led a group of NGO workers and members of people’s organizations petitioned the Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation to adopt the case of the shooting of an NGO worker in Songkhla.
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