Nation Reform Council (NRC)

8 Mar 2017
Citing political ills, the Thai junta has ironically proposed a so-called political culture bill, saying it could foster a democratic political culture.     On 7 March 2017, the junta-appointed Committee on National Reform, National Strategy, and Reconciliation announced 42 national reform priorities from Government House. Among these 42 reform goals, a political culture bill was proposed as a solution to Thailand’s political ills.
7 Sep 2015
An anti-junta activist group has urged the junta to step down after the 2015 charter draft was rejected on Sunday, saying that the junta only wants to hold on to its power. The New Democracy Movement (NDM), a well known anti-junta activist group many of whose members were detained in late June for anti-junta gatherings , announced the group’s stand against the military government at Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus, on Sunday 4 pm, 6 September 2015.
2 Sep 2015
The vote of the National Reform Council (NRC) for or against the draft constitution on 6 September 2015 is a pivotal point for Thai politics. At the end of the line, however, people will be given two main choices: whether to prolong the life of the Thai junta; or to have an elected government by late 2016, which will be lorded over by a ‘Crisis Panel’, a Thai style ‘Politburo’.
21 Jul 2015
The Thai authorities have given the green light to a bill to establish a National Media Council, saying that it will improve media ethics and freedom. However, some say that the bill will do the opposite. According to Post-today news, on Monday, 20 July 2015, a majority of National Reform Council (NRC) members voted to approve a bill to protect media freedom. 167 NRC members voted in favour of the bill while 20 voted against it. 27 members abstained.
17 Jun 2015
Can the expected referendum on whether to allow the military regime of General Prayut Chan-o-cha to stay for two more years "legitimise" the government?
3 Jun 2015
The Thai junta’s lawmakers have reached a consensus to prohibit journalists and the media from keep tracking of the constitutional drafting process, saying that it might affect the independency of the lawmakers.
8 May 2015
Thailand’s junta leader expressed reluctance to hold public referendum before passing the draft constitution, saying that it could cost billions of baht. According to Prachachat News, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta leader and Prime Minister, on Thursday afternoon told the media that holding a public referendum on the draft constitution may cost the government three billion baht (about USD 89 million).
14 Jan 2015
Six civil organizations denounced the eight Digital Economy bills recently approved by the junta, saying they are national security bills in disguise and that the bill will pave the way for a state monopoly of the telecommunication business.
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