Mom Rajawongse Priyanandana Rangsit

26 Jun 2023
A defamation lawsuit filed against political scientist Kullada Kesboonchoo Mead by descendants of Rangsit Prayurasakdi, Prince of Chai Nat, over a PhD thesis and books written by Kullada’s former advisee, Nattapol Chaiching, has been dropped. Meanwhile, the Rangsit clan is to proceed with its lawsuits against Nattapol and his publisher Same Sky Books.
11 Nov 2021
The Civil Court said on Tuesday (9 November) that it will issue a ruling on 30 November in a lawsuit filed against historian Nattapol Chaiching and his publisher, Same Sky Books for producing two books based on Nattapol’s PhD thesis about Thai politics during the Cold War period.
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