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<div>A politician in the northern Thailand has been detained for spreading letters allegedly distorting the junta-sponsored draft charter’s content although the referendum has already ended. </div>
<p>The Provincial Court has sentenced seven villagers in northern Thailand to one year’s imprisonment for encroaching onto private property.</p> <p>The Provincial Court of the northern province of Lamphun on Wednesday, 25 May 2016, read the Supreme Court’s verdict, confirming the ruling of the Appeal Court to sentence seven villagers from Ban Phae Tai Village of Wiang Nong Long District of Lamphun to one year’s imprisonment without suspending the jail term for encroaching onto a private land plot of Inthanon Kankaset Company.</p>
By Ongart Decha |
<p>In response to long-standing land problems in the country, the government has just passed a resolution to allow communities to farm state land for a period of 30 years. &nbsp;A mechanism will be created to issue &lsquo;community title deeds&rsquo;, and oversee the practice of the farming communities. &nbsp;However, farmers who have long struggled over land rights issues are sceptical of this government measure, as opposed to their own version of community title deeds.&nbsp;</p>