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By Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) |
<p>Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) submitting complaint to public health authorities concerning Vachira Phuket Hospital&rsquo;s refusing to sell health insurance to child dependent of migrant labors.</p>
By Finnwatch |
<p>Thailand&rsquo;s Supreme Court has upheld the Appeals Court&rsquo;s acquittal of human rights defender Andy Hall on criminal defamation and computer crimes charges from a canned fruit company.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Thai state enterprise trade unions and the international labour movement have discussed solutions to the violations of workers&rsquo; rights which led to the US suspending GSP for Thailand. The unions also warned that the Thai government&rsquo;s lack of understanding will affect trade opportunities with other countries.</p>
By Fortify Rights |
<div>87 civil society groups, businesses, parliamentarians urge Thai Prime Minister to protect freedom of expression and labor rights &nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>(Bangkok, September 19, 2017)—The Thai Government should de-criminalize defamation and protect the rights of 14 Myanmar migrant workers and other human rights defenders being targeted with criminal defamation and related charges for bringing attention to alleged labor rights violations, Fortify Rights said today.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Fortify Rights and 86 civil society organizations, businesses, and parliamentarians today </div>
<div> <div>A Finnish court has held the first hearing in a lawsuit filed by 50 Thai labourers against a Finnish company for inadequate working conditions. </div></div>
By iLaw |
<div>A labour rights lawyer has been imprisoned for defaming a court, leaving stranded his five-month pregnant wife. </div>