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By Pavin Chachavalpongpun |
<p>Kristie Kenney, US Ambassador to Bangkok, gave a farewell to Thailand and is on her way back to Washington DC. She was in this position for much longer than the normal term of 3 years, raising a question if there might be problems within the US internal politics. But Thailand is not the only country where the US diplomatic mission will be without its ambassador. The vacancy in such an important position could be detrimental to the US foreign policy at this critical time in international politics.</p> <p></p>
By Takato Mitsunaga |
By Andrew Spooner |
<p>As the news of the <a href="">Kandahar Massacre</a> circles the globe, the eyes of the international community are once again scrutinising the USA&rsquo;s dubious and often appalling human rights record &ndash; particularly when they are intervening/invading in some foreign country.</p>
<p>Pol Gen Vasit Dejkunjorn, former palace police chief and former Deputy Police Chief, has published an article in Matichon in response to recent comments by the US Ambassador and the United Nations Office of Human Rights on Thailand&rsquo;s l&egrave;se majest&eacute; law.</p>