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<p>The Thai military summoned four leaders of an activist group in Isan, Thailand’s northeast, for joining the blessing ceremony for an anti-junta student activist who staged an activity to commemorate the 2014 coup d’état last month. &nbsp;</p> <p>At 10.30 am on Friday, military officers in the northeastern province of Kalasin summoned four activists from the local <a href="">Ban Na Mun-Dun Sat Environmental Protect</a><u>ion Group</u> for a talk.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Seven student activists in Thailand’s Northeast, Isan Region, refused to appear at a police station on Monday while activist groups from many regions of the nation marched to show their moral support.</p> <p>On 8 June, seven student activists of Dao Din, a student activist group based in Khon Kaen University who were summoned by the police, refused to report to the police in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen.</p> <p>They hoped that their ‘civil resistance movement’ could inspire other activists and people to show solidarity against the military regime.</p>
By Protection International |
<p><span>Information Release on Tungkum Limited Company (TKL) will withdraw nine&nbsp;</span><span>legal cases against 33 villagers who are members of the anti-mining and&nbsp;</span><span>land-rights group Khon Rak Ban Koed (KRBK).</span></p>
<p>Protection International and the Asian Human Rights Commission are seriously concerned about the Royal Thai Army’s latest intervention in the conflict between the Wang Saphung community in Loei Province with a neighbouring gold and copper mine.&nbsp; On Monday, 25 August, the Wang Saphung community organization, the Khon Rak Ban Kerd Group (KBRK), invited community members to take part in a campaign in the village on the following day. This activity was aimed at restating the KBRK’s community-based support at a time when KBRK members are facing judicial harassment and death threats.</p>