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By Sicha Rungrojtanakul and Anna Lawattanatrakul |
<p>Thailand is a common destination for large numbers of migrant workers, especially from neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. Among them are many LGBTQ who came to Thailand to escape harassment and prosecution in their own country, but found themselves faced with gender-based discrimination and unsafe work environments in Thaioand. No policies have been implemented for their protection.</p>
By Seafood Working Group |
<p>In the wake of the U.S. government suspending billions of dollars in trade preferences for Thailand due to worker rights issues,&nbsp;<a data-saferedirecturl=";source=gmail&amp;ust=1576313504229000&amp;usg=AFQjCNFUYshKqvM2WLwkTIG9cRfPA2u5YQ" href="" target="_blank">organizations participating in the Seafood Working Group&nbsp;released a statement&nbsp;on Human Rights Day</a>&nbsp;strongly urging the Thai government to undertake the necessary reforms to have the trade benefits reinstated. The 24 organizations also urged global companies buying seafood from Thailand to ensure that workers&rsquo; rights are fully protected in their supply chains.</p>
By Human Rights Watch |
<p>Thai authorities should drop charges against a prominent migrant worker rights activist, Human Rights Watch said today. The charges violate the free expression rights of the activist, Andy Hall, and undermine his research into labor rights abuses by companies in&nbsp;<a href=";RE=MC&amp;RI=4369775&amp;Preview=False&amp;DistributionActionID=82055&amp;Action=Follow+Link" target="_blank">Thailand</a>.<br /></p>
By Karen Emmons, International Labour Organization |
<p><em>This article is published as the first in a series to mark the ILO's Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeeting to be held 4-7 December in Kyoto, Japan.</em></p> <p><strong>Siem Reap, Cambodia</strong> &ndash; Nit&rsquo;s family lives in a shaky thatch hut a short walk from the magnificent Ta Prohm ruins in the Angkor World Heritage Site. Her grandfather abandoned his family 15 years ago, and with no farm land, everyone has done their bit to stay together. Like her mother, aunt and grandmother, Nit now sells bracelets, postcards and magnets to tourists. </p>
By State Enterprise Workers&#039; Relations Confederation (SERC) |
<p>The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has strongly criticised the Royal Thai Government (RTG) for its treatment of migrant workers. Just a week after the United Nation&rsquo;s Special Rapportuer on the Human Rights of Migrants publically issued a statement of concern on RTG&rsquo;s migrant worker policies, Thailand&rsquo;s human rights reputation falls into question as it vies for membership of the UN&rsquo;s Human Rights Council.&nbsp;</p>