Gender recognition

23 Feb 2024
Parliament on Wednesday (21 February) voted to reject the Move Forward Party (MFP)’s Gender Recognition bill, which proposed to allow trans and non-binary people to change gender markers on their official documents to match their identity.
29 Sep 2023
A civil society network proposing a new marriage equality bill, a gender recognition bill, and a bill repealing the 1996 Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act is poised to launch a campaign to collect signatures to introduce the bills into parliament.
29 Sep 2023
A civil society network is preparing to propose a gender recognition bill which would allow trans people to change the gender markers in their official documents to match their identities. It would also permit non-binary people to use gender-neutral markers and allow intersex people to employ gender neutral markers until they decide their gender orientation.
7 Jun 2023
Annual Pride celebrations returned to Bangkok with a parade in the Siam Square shopping district, joined by thousands of Thais and foreigners, while leaders of the new government coalition promised to pass a Marriage Equality bill as soon as parliament opens.
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