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<div> <div>At least seven members of the junta-appointed National Legislative Assembly have failed to meet attendance requirements set by the Interim Constitution. </div></div>
<p>The Chair of the Department of Public Prosecutor Commission (DPPC) has removed the Deputy Director-General of the DPPC after he supported a call to investigate corruption allegations against the junta leader’s brother.</p>
<p>A political activist has asked the Thai authorities to probe the construction in northern Thailand of a dike named after a sister-in-law of the Thai junta leader. Meanwhile, a company where her son is a share-holder reportedly won two construction projects from the Thai Army.</p>
<p>The Ministry of Defence has defended the appointment of the junta leader’s nephew to an army post, saying that it is normal for the army to replace retired army personnel.</p> <p>Maj Gen Kongcheep Tantrawanich, spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence, on Sunday, 17 April 2016, announced that the appointment of new army officers with certain skills or qualifications to replace retired officers is normal. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>