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25 Jul 2016
The Thai police have arrested a northerner suspected of sending thousands of anti-draft charter letters after the military detained his parents. Police officers from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) on Saturday afternoon, 23 July 2016, arrested Wisarut Khunnitisan, 38, from a condominium in Bangkok and flew him to the northern province of Chiang Mai.
27 Oct 2015
The authorities have arrested and pressed sedition charges against a 77-year-old teacher for giving flowers to support an anti-junta activist. According to Free Thai Legal Aid (FTLA), their lawyers on Monday 10 am, 26 October 2015, submitted a bail request for Preecha Kaewbanpaew, a 77-year-old retired teacher, to the Military Court of Bangkok.
25 Aug 2015
Prosecutors pressed another charge against one of the suspects of ‘Men in Black’, who were allegedly involved in violence during the military crackdown on red shirts on 10 April 2010.
18 Mar 2015
Four of nine suspects in a case related to explosions in Bangkok said they faced torture and ill-treatment during military detention in March. The torture methods included beatings and electric shocks. Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) called for an independent investigation into the torture complaints from four suspects in a case related to explosions at the Bangkok Criminal Court and Siam Square and planned explosions in other locations in Bangkok.
11 Feb 2015
In the case of the forged royal statement, a red-shirt suspect has to stay in jail because he cannot afford bail, while the ultra-royalist yellow-shirt media web editor walks free after being granted bail by the military court. It is considered rare for a lèse majesté suspect to be granted bail by a military court.
6 Feb 2015
The military banned a human rights lawyer from meeting a red-shirt suspect accused of publicising the fake Royal Household statement about King Bhumibol, citing martial law.    The statement, falsely claimed to be from the Bureau of the Royal Household, was distributed on Monday night.
26 Jan 2015
Bangkok’s Military Court dismissed a petition questioning its jurisdiction, submitted by Worachet Pakeerut, a prominent law academic and core member of the Nitirat group, who was charged with failing to report to the junta.     According to Free Thai Legal Aid (FTLA), the Military Court of Bangkok on Monday morning rejected the petition submitted by Worachet.
8 Dec 2014
Five ‘men in black’ suspects accused of taking part in the deadly political violence on 10 April 2010 denied all charges that the prosecutors filed against them. Winyat Chatmontree, a lawyer from Free Thai Legal Aid (FTLA), stated on Monday that the five suspects known as the ‘men in black,’ charged with possession of unauthorized and illegal weapons of war, such as M79 grenade launchers, M16s, HK33s and explosive devices during the violent military crackdown on 10 April 2010 against red-shirt protesters, denied all charges filed against them by the prosecutors on Monday.
28 Oct 2014
The military court allowed four defendants of the ‘Khon Kaen Model’ alleged rebellion case, who had been arrested and detained since late May, to be released on bail due to the defendants’ poor health conditions.  
14 Oct 2014
  Five suspects, accused of being the ‘Men in Black’, recanted their confessions, and said their confessions were made under duress due to alleged torture and ill-treatment during military detention, according to their lawyer.
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