Frank G Anderson

28 Aug 2016
Many foreigners, it seems, often cite the Thai media as being cowardly and not performing the noble job that the Fourth Estate is poetically linked with – establishing truth, fighting injustice, exposing graft, fighting for the people, etc. For Thai media critics or just people that want to read why things are so difficult for Thai media, allow me to relate a story to you… Note that often below when I say “I” I might be referring to my Thai wife who was legally registered as the paper’s owner and editor.
2 Mar 2016
This essay does not advocate support of coups. It does support more study of coups and the various international conditions that exist when coups are effected. Society needs to gain a more objective overview to understand the coup phenomenon more accurately and not automatically dismiss the sociopolitical realities that exist at the time coups are planned or effected. "The fault is not within the stars but within ourselves..."   ****************
23 Jul 2014
Thainess, viewed in different quarters as a concept, a firm quality, a pipedream and an unparalleled ego trip.
24 Dec 2013
Thailand’s Social Regimen – Thainess as an addictive substance.The following is right off the keyboard and may be rambling a bit, but it’s sincere and hopefully worth reading through for reflection purposes. From time to time I wonder why I didn’t see a certain aspect of culture, my own or Thai, that is suddenly clear now, or why fellow expats are predicting certain things to follow form today’s political upheaval that just don’t have a chance of happening. But opening the mind and eyes is a continual process and hopefully this little piece will help that along…
23 Aug 2013
On 19 August 2013, New Mandala published an article titled “The role of public interest litigation in the quest for democracy in Malaysia.” You are now invited to read this one, slightly different title, and significant differences between countries and cultures vis-à-vis Malaysia.  
23 Aug 2012
The first article in this series ended with a paragraph referring to a felt need to ‘reinvigorate’ Thainess as perceived - by the ruling elite, or as otherwise referred to, a loose confederation of mutual interest entities that former deputy Prime Minister Suthep Thaugsuban said during a public forum on 29 July do not exist.
23 Jul 2012
[This abstract is for a paper intended for presentation at the Governance, Human Rights & Development:, Challenges for Southeast Asia and Beyond, Thammasat University, Bangkok, Thailand, 19-20 May 2011. While travel plans interrupted the presentation and completion of the longer paper, this abstract may prove of brief interest in the subject of what is termed ‘Thainess,’ an elusive characteristic said both to be imaginary and real. - Frank G Anderson]
23 Apr 2012
Time was when national security was hardly even a thought. The United States “back then” was big, still under basic infrastructure development – and initial stages of environmental degradation – and no one was really looking ahead at what we had, where we were really heading, and what would happen when we got there.
22 Feb 2012
Accusing America’s single-most important ally in Southeast Asia of unwarranted interference in the affairs of the United States may sound a bit strong. And especially so in this age of official apologies and expressions of regret at offending those with whom we Americans maintain diplomatic relations.
21 Feb 2012
The following is an update regarding two criminal defamation cases filed against Frank G Anderson by Royal Thai Police based on accusations against him filed by UK national Akbar Khan and Thai police colonel Wattanasak Mungkijkarndee, both of whom in the past were very publicly connected with lese majesté accusations against Thais and foreigners, including the Foreign Correspondents Club and BBC in cases that are still current.  
21 Feb 2012
On 17 February 2012, Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister General Yuthasak Sasiprapa offered two observations, both ill-founded, unfounded and confounded. Despite an international body stating Thailand was a great place to launder money, the general says “Ain’t so!” As well, despite Sukumvit Soi 71 being littered with bomb debris and shadows of cleaned-away blood, he also insists that there is no concrete evidence that the Valentine’s Day Iranian bomber attacks were acts of terror.
17 Feb 2012
Dr Ammar Siamwalla, economist and former Chairperson of the Thailand Development Research Institute, suggests that limits be placed on Article 112.  


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