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<div> <div>The authorities have repeatedly denied access to a legal document which deals with the question of whether Princess Sirindhorn was an heir apparent to the throne of King Bhumibol, saying that the document could damage the monarchy if published.&nbsp;&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>On 12 December 2017, Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR)&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="">reported</a> that the Office of the Council of State&nbsp;(OCS) had denied their lawye </div></div>
By Kongpob Areerat |
<p>The junta cabinet has approved a bill on religion which can be used to prosecute, with jail terms, people who propagate ‘incorrect’ versions of Buddhist doctrines or cause harm to Buddhism. The bill also posts jail terms specifically for homosexual monks.</p> <p></p>
<p>Environmental and civil society groups condemned the new mining bill for ignoring environmental and health impacts and urged the junta government to stop deliberating the bill until Thailand has real representatives of the people.</p>
By Kongpob Areerat |
<p>The Thai police have been notorious for their use of torture to force confessions and the arrest of scapegoats. The two Myanmar suspects accused of killing two British backpackers on Thailand’s Koh Tao Island are good examples. In the restive Deep South, lawyers say that security officers regularly torture insurgent suspects to get confessions since the Thai police do not have enough evidence to issue arrest warrants by normal means. The Thai police are now aiming to optimize investigations by pushing for a law which will allow police from all divisions to intercept suspects’ communications. However, experts say the bill could ironically end up aggravating police abuses.</p> <p></p>
<p>Current and former National Human Rights Commissioners are concerned about changes made by the Council of State to a new law governing the independent body. &nbsp;The Commission will be prohibited from revealing any information about cases under ongoing investigation, while it will be authorized to pursue court cases on behalf of those whose rights are violated.</p>