15 Dec 2023
Thailand is planning to achieve net zero emissions by 2065, 15 years later than its neighbours in the lower Mekong region. The country is seeking funding for climate response, and although its delegate at COP28 said Thailand is expecting some financial assistance from the Loss and Damage Fund, it will need other sources since the amount of grants given by the Fund is likely to be limited.
11 Dec 2023
The long-overdue Loss and Damage Fund to assist climate responses has become a huge political question during the first day of COP28. As negotiations are on going and countries continue to pledge to the Fund, Thailand's negotiation team says access to the Fund should be based on how hard a country has been hit by climate change and not its GDP.
29 Nov 2023
COP28 opens tomorrow (30 November) in Dubai, and carbon credit is still on the agenda. Thailand, which has pledged to become a carbon-neutral country by 2050 and carbon-zero by 2065, is turning towards a carbon credit market while its major corporations explore low-carbon businesses. However, local communities are skeptical and have raised concerns that their land and natural resources would be exploited by private businesses selling carbon credits.
23 Nov 2023
From 30 November - 12 December, world leaders will gather in Dubai for the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP28 to discuss the climate crisis. But where is Thailand in this issue? The country has turned to the carbon credit market on its road to carbon neutrality and net zero, but the civil society has questions about its effectiveness and are concerned about the market being taken over by corporations.
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