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9 Sep 2022
Just hours after a parliamentary vote to reduce the power of the appointed Senate failed, a relentless Move Forward Party (MFP) launched a campaign to obtain the 50,000 signatures necessary to hold a public referendum on whether the country should draft a new Constitution.
18 Jun 2021
The parliament will reopen debate on constitutional amendments on 22-24 June, a major event that will affect the Kingdom’s political structure. After the issue was delayed in 2020 and withdrawn in 2021, political parties and civil society have another chance to address what they see as hindrances to democratization and political advantage.
22 Oct 2020
The people have made 21 October another historic moment in Thai political history as leaderless protesters marched almost completely peacefully past police blockades to Government House. 
23 Sep 2020
iLaw, the legal watchdog NGO and its allies, has led a march to parliament to submit their amendments to the constitution, 1 day before the parliament holds a debate on 2 amendment bills one from the government and one from the opposition, on 23-24 September
29 Aug 2020
A “Sleep in a camp, not in a jail” protest organized by the “We are Friends” group was held at the 14 October Memorial on 27-28 August. The group underlined the Free People demands for political and monarchy reform.
13 Jan 2017
Thailand’s junta-appointed parliament has passed amendments to the constitution, after the newly crowned King Vajiralongkorn requested changes to the section on royal prerogatives.   On 13 January 2017, the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) approved an amendment to Article 2 of the junta’s 2014 interim charter. The changes were passed unanimously with 228 votes in favor and three abstentions.
4 Jun 2013
Three years later, there is still no report on the April-May 2010 violence During the administration of the then-Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRC) was dubbed the most helpful and most relevant independent agency in the eyes of ordinary Thais. That is no longer true. 
9 Jun 2012
Thailand may be heading to its first major constitutional crisis in history. Thai Constitution Court has performed an interesting exercise in semantics with one of the most basic words: the word “and.” Not that verbal gymnastics is foreign in Thai politics but this case is unusual as it happens in the judiciary, and the ramifications may be explosive and quite significant in the development of Thailand’s political system.
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