Child Protection

11 Aug 2023
Move Forward Party (MFP) MPs have proposed the establishment of an ad hoc committee for migrant students without civil registration, aiming to address the problem of their lack of access to education.
7 Jul 2023
The government is preparing to repatriate over a hundred Myanmarese children who lack registration documents, ignoring objections that this violates the National Education and Child Protection Acts.
1 Sep 2022
Sexual abuse has long been an issue in Thai schools, although most cases go unreported. Prachatai English spoke to teachers and advocates for sexual abuse survivors about sexual abuse in schools and why this problem is being allowed to continue.
14 May 2020
UNICEF has issued a statement after the alleged sexual assault of two teenage girls at a Mukdahan school by their teachers and the school’s former students was reported in the media last week, raising concern about the lack of protection for children in schools and calling for the authorities involved to reinforce their efforts to ensure prevention of violence in schools and to ensure that the survivors are protected.
28 Jul 2018
An Open Letter on the Child Marriage Case of the 11-Year-Old Girl to H.E. Prime Minister, H.E. Minister of Social Development and Human Security, H.E. Minister of Justice, H.E.
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