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<div> <div>Anon Numpa on Thursday reported to the police to hear accusations related to his anti-military Facebook posts, most of which involve charges pressed against him by a member of the Judge Advocate General's Office.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Anon, a volunteer lawyer for Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), posted five Facebook messages while he and three others were detained and interrogated at Pathumwan Police Station after the group held an anti-coup activity near Siam Square on the evening of Valentine’s Day, 14 February. </div></div>
<div> <p dir="ltr"><span id="docs-internal-guid-1b47f567-c90e-2c69-1efd-84ade058dca6">The military’s Judge Advocate General’s Department has accused human rights lawyer Anon Numpa of publicising anti-junta information on his Facebook page.&nbsp;</span></p> </div>
<div> <div>The military on Friday filed a police complaint against a man for posting lèse majesté messages on Facebook, <a href="">Matichon Online</a> reported.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Lt Col Burin Thongprapai of the military’s Judge Advocate General’s Office on Friday accused Jatsadakorn D., 24, of violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code or the lèse majesté law. </div></div>
<div> <div>The woman who was accused of posting lèse majesté material on her Facebook page told police that she did not have control over the page and that the page was a ploy by a disappointed admirer to cause her trouble.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>On Saturday, Lt Col Burin Thongprapai, a staff member of the military Judge Advocate General’s Department, accused Jaruwan E. of defaming the King on her Facebook account and submitted three pieces of content posted under the public Facebook page with the name Jaruwan E. (full name and surname in Thai). </div></div>