15 Jun 2021
On a Facebook page critical of the Thai monarchy, Thai celebrity Cherprang Areekul was repeatedly photoshopped to resemble the Queen of Thailand. The page admin claims that they are being prosecuted under the lèse majesté law. Cherprang’s agency refutes the claim, saying that the legal action was in fact under the Computer Crime Act.
1 Aug 2020
While members of idol girl groups such as BNK48 are seen as products and are expected to be voices for the society, they neither see themselves as objectified nor obligated to advocate for social issues, but they have to adapt to a mixture of Thai and Japanese idol cultures. Idol insiders also explain the business model and its origins.
5 Oct 2018
Almost 20 police officers from Bowon Mongkol Police Station went to close down the punk concert hosted by the Facebook page ‘It’s almost 4 years already, I Sadd’’ at The Overstay, Charan Sanitwong, on 21 September, on the grounds that it was a political event and permission had not been requested from the authorities.
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