13 Feb 2015
The military court on Friday denied bail to a red-shirt suspect accused of posting a forged royal statement, when the court had earlier granted bail
28 Nov 2014
The military court on Friday made the unprecedented decision to grant bail to a lèse majesté suspect.    The Bangkok military court on Friday at 2 pm granted 400,000 baht bail to a man known by his pen name as Bundit Aneeya, a 73-year-old writer and translator, who was arrested on Wednesday for making a comment during a seminar that allegedly defamed the King.    The bail conditions include that the suspect will stop joining political activity and stop expressing opinion which may instigate the people.   
25 Nov 2014
For the fourth time the military court refused to grant bail to a man accused of writing graffiti mainly criticizing the junta and making reference to the king in the restrooms of a shopping mall, despite the suspect’s severe health conditions.   The military court on Monday for the fourth time declined a 2.5 million baht bail request of Opas C., a 67-year-old man charged with writing seditious messages which expressed disapproval of the junta and the Democrat Party and contained a physical description of the king.    According t
26 Sep 2014
  The Criminal Court on Thursday rejected a bail request on behalf of Patiwat S., who has been charged with lèse majesté because he starred in the Wolf Bride, a stage play about a fictional monarch.     Ratchada Criminal Court on Thursday granted a police request to detain the suspect for six more days.
11 Mar 2014
The Supreme Court on Tuesday denied bail to Katha P., a stockbroker who was imprisoned for posting rumours about the king’s health condition, citing flight risk. 
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