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<p>Prachatai columnist Bai Tong Hang has searched the website of the Constitutional Court for its official verdict on the Democrat Party dissolution case which the court dismissed in early December last year, but has found nothing.</p>
By Bai Tong Hang |
<p>At last, we have seen the full package of the Abhisit regime&rsquo;s reconciliation kit, including the fact-finding committee on the May killings, the committee on constitutional amendments, and the committees on national reform by the Anand and <a href="">Prawase</a> duo.</p> <p>So, is this reconciliation with the 90 deaths?&nbsp; Impossible.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s just an attempt to convince na&iuml;ve people into believing that there&rsquo;s reconciliation to isolate the red shirts and others who want true democracy.</p>
By Bai Tong Haeng |
<p>I do not agree at all with the human rights organizations which have listed the 10 steps forward and 10 steps back for 2009 and have raised the case of the Supreme Administrative Court&rsquo;s temporary injunction against 65 projects at Map Ta Phut to first place in human rights progress.</p>
<p>A media watchdog has urged the Thai-language Thai Post daily to explain to the public its decision to remove the column of Bai Tong Hang, who eventually resigned from the paper.</p>