Bad Students

9 Jun 2021
A number of students in Thailand have been asked by their teachers to pay respect to the national flag at 8.00 am in front of their televisions at home every day before online classes begin. A teacher was found asking students via Line to send photos of them standing for the anthem as a record. The Ministry of Education said that they did not order this but it should be looked at from different points of view.
7 Jun 2021
In a recent meeting of the Trat Provincial Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), Governor Pinyo Prakobphon proposed that students wear school uniforms to online classes.
27 Mar 2021
This November, the Thai government will have to answer all concerns expressed by UN Members over human rights violations in the country. For the 3rd cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), student groups in Thailand have submitted a report to the Working Group, revealing that the Thai government has not delivered on the promises made to the international community 5 years ago.
31 Dec 2020
Representatives of four high school student activist groups tell stories of the harassment and legal prosecution they now face after speaking out about human rights violations they face in school, reiterating that the right to freedom of expression is a constitutional right, while vowing to keep fighting nonetheless.
2 Dec 2020
Thailand’s first day of the semester has been different as students in at least 23 schools countrywide attended class without uniforms, confronting one of the most controversial issues in Thai society: Do uniforms really matter?
24 Nov 2020
Bad Students organized a #ByeByeDinosaur event under Siam BTS station to criticize educational failures and the inefficiency of the government. They also compared the Education Minister to a dinosaur after he voted to reject all 7 draft constitutional amendments. 
8 Sep 2020
As adults are asked to behave according to the ‘10 duties of adults’, grandparents, parents and public figures have joined the protest held by the Bad Students to help them pressure the Ministry of Education to do more on education reform.  
8 Sep 2020
The Bad Students group gathered in front of the Ministry of Education to challenge Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan in a debate. In a highly organized protest, the students repeated 3 demands and 1 ultimatum as they called for education reform.
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