Apiwan Wiriyachai

20 Oct 2014
The military have arrested and detained a red shirt suspected of participating in an anti-coup protest in June. The arrest came after the funeral of a renowned red-shirt leader. On Sunday, four plainclothes military officers arrested Nueng Katesakul, a red shirt supporter who allegedly took part in an anti-coup protest at the Victory Monument on 28 June, on his way home from the funeral  of Apiwan Wiriyachai, the late red-shirt leader and ex-Pheu Thai Member of Parliament, on Sunday in northeastern Bangkok.
20 Oct 2014
“There’s a saying that if you want to reform Thai politics, you will never be successful if you don’t reform the army first. That means every country aiming to be a successful democracy needs to reform the army first.”   
24 Jul 2014
  Thai Criminal Court on Wednesday issued an arrest warrant for Apiwan Wiriyachai, former deputy House speaker, Pheu Thai MP and red-shirt figure, after the police charged him with lèse majesté.    Apiwan Wiriyachai (Photo courtesy of parliament.go.th)  
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