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19 Apr 2014
  A Thai mother and father have sued their daughter, a vocal anti-establishment red-shirt residing in the UK, for posting video clips of herself defaming the monarchy after they received a storm of hate phone calls from Thai loyalists. 
31 Jan 2014
2 Victims of Hatred: Reds assaulted in Bangkok Prachatai talked to 2 red-shirts who were assaulted by alleged PDRC guards.
1 Dec 2013
Two pro-government red-shirt supporters were shot dead on Sunday early morning while 45 were reportedly injured from the clashes between the pro and anti-government protesters on Ramkhamhaeng road. The former victim who was killed by bullet was reportedly a Ramkhamhaeng University student. This added to the total death toll of three people. 
30 Nov 2013
Tension near the pro-government Red shirt rally on Ramkhamhaeng road has escalated after one was killed and at least three were injured in hours-long confrontation between red-shirt supporters and anti-government protesters. 
18 Apr 2010
The number of Facebook users opposing a House dissolution has increased to over 300,000, while the red shirts can get only thousands.  The number of fans of Abhisit has reached 200,000, or more than 10 times those of Thaksin, ASTV-Manager reports.
14 Apr 2010
The New Politics Party has urged the government to declare Martial Law, arrest the leaders of the ‘terrorists and rebels’, and remove Deputy PM Suthep, the Defence Minister and the Army Chief from office.  There should be no elections until the terrorists are suppressed.  The terrorism in Bangkok is connected to international terrorism and Thaksin is connected to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, Suriyasai said.
14 Apr 2010
A group under the name of Alliance of Patriots gathered at the Victory Monument in a show of force against the red shirts, gave support to Abhisit, and urged the government to deal with those who caused violence.
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