11 Oct 2018
Everyone around the world is becoming aware of artificial intelligence (AI) or robots because their ability is constantly developing and they are likely to replace many jobs in the near future.  What is the situation in Thailand?  Are workers losing their jobs?  Does Thai labour law provide adequate protection?  Is the government keeping up?  This report will take a look at the state of the problem and the calls for solutions.
24 May 2013
Bangkok, May 23 – Amnesty International Thailand called for the abolition of the death penalty in Thailand, one of 21 countries where capital punishment is still in use.  Currently, 706 Thais are under sentence of death, according to the Amnesty International Human Rights Report 2013.
27 Aug 2009
As country after country abandons its use of judicial state killing, Amnesty International deeply regrets the resumption of executions in Thailand after a six-year hiatus.
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