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<p dir="ltr">Villagers from the southern Thailand currently facing an eviction order from the Thai authorities asked National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to investigate how the eviction order was reached. &nbsp;</p>
<p>One of the community leaders of an embattled farmers’ community in southern Thailand has been assassinated. He is the fourth villager assassinated during the on-going dispute with a palm oil company.</p> <p>Chai Bunthonglek, a 61-year-old member of the Southern Peasant’s Federation of Thailand (SPFT) from Khlong Sai Pattana Community in Chai Buri District of southern Surat Thani Province, was assassinated by two gunmen around 6 pm on Thursday. Chai was shot dead at his house by a .357 gun.</p> <p>He is the fourth member of the SPFT from Khlong Sai Pattana Community to be shot dead.</p>
<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Front Line Defenders</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p> <p><span>A demonstration organized by the Souhtern Peasants' Federation of Thailand last year (Photo curtesy of </span><a href=""><span>Front Line Defenders</span></a><span>)</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>