Achara Ashayagachat

2 Feb 2013
The Thai media has treated constitutional amendments as a politicking game and has de facto reflected a new series of battles between the post-coup Thaksin and non-Thaksin forces, according to the four-member Media Inside Out research team.
3 Apr 2012
A core member of the influential '88 Generation Students Group and a former political prisoner--released three months ago, Ko Ko Kyi, talked with Achara Ashayagachat how he saw the future of Myanmar in the post 1 April by-elections.
16 Nov 2011
Whenever Mrs Hilary Clinton visits any country, a meeting with those leaders is always a must in her programme. Normal practice for others too, courtesy call by foreign minister to a leader in the visited nation is a good protocol reflecting close and good relations between the two sides.
18 Sep 2011
While the vast majority of Thai people are commemorating the 5th anniversary of the latest coup in order to show their strong disdain for this unconstitutional method of political change, a small group of people is spreading the possibility of another coup if the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra returns to the country.
11 May 2011
Critic of the monarchy Somsak Jeamteerasakul was warmly cheered by a hundred supporters when summoned this morning to Nang Lerng Police Station to hear a lèse majesté charge regarding his response to Princess Chulabhorn’s comments.
23 Dec 2010
New book outlines jagged landscape of recent Thai politics Nine essays by seven Thai and foreign scholars in the book Legitimacy Crisis in Thailand perfectly explore themes and issues and well-depicted episodes arising from the ongoing confrontations that engulfed Thailand's political life, state and society from the year 2008 to early 2010.
19 Oct 2009
Bangkok Post reporter Achara Ashayagachat focuses on how Thailand has been playing a role in Asean in the past years, particularly during the 2008/9 chairmanship, and how it is perceived domestically, regionally and internationally.  And she challenges the readiness of Asean to become a single Community.  
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